What we do

At the Corporate Production Department of Millennium TV we make films which communicate the key messages and value propositions of our clients and media partners to their audiences. Whether we are producing an internal communication, a corporate documentary or infomercial our focus is on the calibre of our film making.

We focus on producing and editing films, communications and documentaries for Community Groups, Corporate Organisations, Creative Industries, Countries and Charities. Regardless of the nature of the client or their industry,we bring a combination of professionalism, efficiency and creativity that keep our clients coming back to repeat their experience with us.

Although our high-quality films and programmes are rooted in anthropology, we make films with the urgency, clarity and the strong editorial voice of observational journalists. All our films are beautifully shot and edited in a manner which enables audiences to resonate with the underlying messages and stories being delivered by our clients and media partners.

One distinguishing feature of our Corporate Production Department of Millennium TV is our ability to distribute or publish the films of our clients and media partners to a captive audience of over 12 million viewers in the United Kingdom. There are not many independently owned production companies in Europe with the ability to distribute their own content to the same target audience as those of its clients and media partners: TED TALK with Sheryl Sandberg at TED WOMEN 2010.

So we look forward to hearing from you if you are responsible for the communication and PR strategy for any of the following sectors: FMCG, Not-for-profit, Retail, Government, Entertainment, Education, Financial Services, Philanthropy, Telecoms, Automatative, E-Commerce, Travel, Consumer Electronics, Beverages, Healthcare, Phamaceuticals, Government.

How we work

At the Corporate Production Department of Millennium TV we simply love what we do –

Whether we are working with a cultural group: Millennium TV Meets CANUK London;

An investment bank celebrating its 10th year in London: FBN Bank 10th Anniversary;

The organisers of an international contemporary art fair in the middle of Central London: 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair;

A country keen to show the world all its exciting possibilities for investment: A Portrait of Morocco;

Or a charitable organisation in London intent on celebrating the positive contributions that have been made by its diaspora communities in the United Kingdom: The Africa Centre Summer Festival 2014.

We strive to deliver the best possible film to the specified budget and schedule.

If you would like to continue this discussion feel free to contact us at info@mymillennium.tv or call us to arrange an appointment with a member of our Corporate Production Team at our offices in West London on +44(0) 3300 884 724