Millennium Entertains - The World Premier of Turning Point at the Indigo 02, London

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Synopsis: Check out the World Premiere of Hollywood/African colloboration, Turning Point.

At Millennium TV we try to provide stories from all over the world through short films, documentaries and movies that attack your senses. We are particularly fascinated by recent Hollywood/Nollywood collaborations such as Tony Abulu’s Dr Bello (see trailer and now Niyi Towolawi’s Turning Point.

Turning Point is a drama which explores complacence, karma, moral justifications and redemption. The audience follows a Nigerian-American playboy (Igoni Archibong) as he deals with the consequences of abandoning his American sweetheart (K.D. Aubert (“Entourage” and “Friday After Next”) for an arranged wife from back home.

A-list Nollywood stars, including Jackie Appiah and Ebbe Bassey mix with several Hollywood actors, including Todd Bridges, best known for “Different Strokes” and “Everybody Hates Chris”; Joe Estevez (“Apocalypse Now” among many others); and Ernie Hudson ( “Ghostbusters”).

In addition we note that the crew consists of a number of Hollywood veterans that have worked on numerous blockbusters including “I am Legend”, “Spiderman 3”, “Dark Knight”, “The Departed”, “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Millennium TV went along to the World Premier at the Indigo 02 on your behalf to meet Jackie Appiah, Niyi Towolawi, Ernie Hudson, K.D. Aubert, Todd Bridges and Igoni Archibong. The question on everybody’s lips was: Are we witnessing a “Turning Point” in Nollywood or is this another false dawn where the emptiest drum makes the loudest noise? Tell us what you think by e mailing

Produced by: Millennium TV
Country: Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States
Year: 2012
Duration: 12 minutes and 26 seconds
Duration: 12 minutes and 26 seconds