Millennium Shorts : "Identity" starring Greta Repcyte


Synopsis: Watch George Ovicinkov’s stunning short film, “Identity” starring Greta Repcyte.

Join Millennium as we celebrate the art of the short films through our Millennium Shorts series.

Synopsis: In a grey, routine engulfed city a woman is looking for an answer, not being able to find herself in the life built and controlled by the System.

Identity is the first major project of filmmaker George Ovicinkov:

“With this film, I wanted to focus on the material things, constant race of careers and the grey wall of everyday routine that we ourselves build around us, with the constant help of the Economy. We follow without question an image of well-being and success that it has created for us.
Of course, everyone must be a part of today’s economy in some way, but what is important in my opinion, is where you focus your attention. Rather than chasing material things, money, job positions and associating yourself with these things, why not try to focus on something that is alive, real and always out there, why not have your job and money only as supportive necessities to survive.

What are those real things that we could enjoy? That in my opinion, everyone has to answer for themselves, and that is what I tried to show with Identity.”
Shot on a Canon DSLR the Millennium TV team enjoyed the caliber of editing and colour grading in this film. Look out for this up and coming film maker – “I definitely learned a lot from this project, and I cannot wait to start working on another short film”.

Ovicinkov makes a special mention to Actress Greta Repcyte, “whose expressions and emotions built a very strong character without which this short would not be able to reach out to the audience in the way it did, and evoke the emotional response it did”.

In addition, Ovicinkov’s gratitude is extended to Tom Cottam, who was the voice-over actor in this film -” His voice is an inseparable part of the atmosphere of this film.”

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