Millennium Discovers: Africa Legal - Practical Corporate Governance course for the Modern African Lawyer


This University of Cape Town Law@work online short course ’Practical Corporate Governance for the Modern African Lawyer’ is delivered in collaboration with Africa Legal.

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Good corporate governance is, too often, neglected in favour of short term gains. Across the globe, there has never been more attention on this than there is now.

In this two-hour interactive online course you will be confronted with an unfolding real-life scenario that will challenge you to apply corporate governance principles, enabling you to facilitate business growth.

You will discover how to support your business and clients in implementing sustainable and ethical practices that unlock long-term business value.

The course can be done anywhere, at any time, and is perfect for students, lawyers, business owners, and those looking to work in risk and compliance roles.

Taught by a leading University of Cape Town academic, the course also has input from global experts who will assist learners to develop an understanding of:

    The value drivers of corporate governance.
    What boards do.
    Ethical and effective leadership.
    Practical outcomes-based thinking.

Earn a certificate from the University of Cape Town
This is a rare opportunity for you to earn an official certificate from UCT Law@work upon completion of the course and learn practical real-world skills that you can apply as soon as you finish. Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and couriered to you at no extra cost.