Millennium Discovers: My Nigeria - Basketmouth: Trash Talking


Nigerian comedy has boomed in the last decade, and Bright “Basketmouth” Okpocha is, arguably, the country’s most successful stand-up comic.

“Basketmouth means somebody who doesn’t hold anything back, which is like a basket. A basket doesn’t hold water. And when I decided to go with the name Basketmouth, it actually defined my kind of art, my kind of delivery, because I just say it the way it comes, I do not have any filtering system, and that’s how Basketmouth came to life,” he says.

Born and bred in the notorious Lagos slum Ajegunle, he discovered his gift for comedy by chance and has never looked back.

My Nigeria from Al Jazeera. Home to around one-fifth of Africa’s people, Nigeria is packed with talent, creativity, initiative and enterprise at all levels of society. So what does Nigeria mean to these people? Six films. Six people. Six personal insights into Africa’s number one economic powerhouse – Nigeria.

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