Millennium Discovers: "Biji Biji" A champion of sustainable living in Kuala Lumpur


The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to share progressive ideas with everyone. In Kuala Lumpur the organization is a champion of sustainable living and by using discarded materials, basic electronics and passive building techniques to reuse waste in creative ways.

To find out more or visit an Open Workshop visit biji-biji.com

Producer: Jane Weber
Director: Karsu Nalbantoglu
Cinematographer: Zach Rutland

This micro-documentary was produced on location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by an Actuality Media student crew and shot with a Canon XA10. The making of this video was part of a one-day-shoot assignment; an exercise to prepare a crew who had never filmed together to be ready to create a the short documentary on a local changemaker.