Millennium Lifestyle: Cafe Armonia, Guatemala - organic, fair trade coffee direct from the farmers

Discovery / Lifestyle

Opened in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala, in September 2014, Café Armonía is a small coffee shop started by two associations of small coffee farmers – Manos Campesinas and ASOBAGRI. It is the first effort of these Guatemalan groups to sell fresh-made (Organic, Fair Trade) coffee to the consumer.

For more information:
Café Armonía – cafearmonia.com/
ASOBAGRI – fairtradeusa.org/producer-profiles/asobagri-asociaci-n-barillense-de-agricultores
Manos Campesinas – manoscampesinas.org/

Producer: Livvy Runyon
Director: Aria Zapata
Cinematographer: Kim Mniece
Editor: Mack Vargas

This micro-documentary was produced on location in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, by an Actuality Media student crew – for more information visit: actualitymedia.org