Millennium Entertains - SHUGA: The Making of SHUGA: LOVE,SEX,MONEY


Synopsis: Watch the making of MTV’s African series – Shuga: Love, Sex , Money.

At Millennium TV we are acutely aware that not much, if any, African, Asian, Latin American, European television gets imported to countries like the United Kingdom, the United States or Malaysia for online or terrestrial broadcast. We know that there is good stuff out there, and we believe it is our job to showcase it as and when we find it.

SHUGA is a Kenyan drama made by MTV and Unicef, filmed in Nairobi and Malindi. It is a frank exploration of the romantic lives of twentysomethings in a country where more than 1.5 million people live with HIV. Millennium TV have teamed up with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation to bring all episodes of SHUGA to our growing audience. First it is highly entertaining content. Second it promotes awareness about HIV.

We start off with the Making of the drama SHUGA. This documentary provides us with special behind the scenes footage of the main characters from the drama.

Please note that SHUGA contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Produced by: MTV Networks Europe
Country: Kenya
Year: 2009
Duration: 24 minutes and 20 seconds
Sponsors: Free distribution of this film was kindly sponsored by the members of the office.