Millennium Listens - Millennium TV's Founder discusses Ebola, Corruption in Africa and Mpesa on Arise News' - Africa Wrap Show


Synopsis: Watch Millennium TV’s founding director discussing Ebola, Corruption and Mpesa on Arise News.

The Millennium news section has been working hard over the last year to give its viewers access to news at no cost wherever,however and whenever they want watch it. Viewers of Millennium TV regularly visit our News section to watch any of BBC News, Al-Jazeera, CNN and an African channel called eNCA.

The Millennium TV support these news agencies by covering issues which are more close to home with the communities where the Millennium TV community come from.

One such channel which Millennium TV has had an awful lot of time for over the months is Arise News (www.arise.tv). Member of the Millennium TV team have been invited on to the channel to lend the channel’s strong editorial voice to the issues of the day. On this occassion, Millennium TV’s founder and in his words, “Chief Volunteer”, Winston Bell-Gam, was invited on to the Friday evening – African Wrap show to discuss the Ebola Outbreak, Repatriation of General Sani Abacha’s Billions to the Federal Government and the rise and rise of Mpesa.

Even though it was a struggle to get Winston in front of the camera, he did not have to be asked twice to represent the views of Millennium TV when the opportunity arose. Winston founded Millennium TV in 2012:

“When I came up with the name Millennium TV, I was simply trying to describe the love-child of the magazine in the film, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with the development sensibilities of the Millennium Development Goals. I think people will see us as some channel which is focused on following Coldplay and Madonna around the world as they go about adopting African babies. With time they will realise that we are much more than that..”