Millennium Lifestyle - See Me Now: A fashion film with a social conscience


Glen Mackay was at a fashion show overseas and was told “the darker the skin, the uglier they’re considered”. He decided to call upon some of his friends in fashion industry to address this, and prove that beauty is all about feeling comfortable in your skin. ‘See Me Now’ is a fashion film with a social conscience and without copyright.

Produced and Directed by Glen Mackay.
The designers:
Anita Quansah – http://www.anitaquansah.com
Arefa – http://www.anitaquansah.com
Bestow Elan – http://www.bestowelan.com
BIBI London – http://www.bibilondon.com
CHiCHiA – http://chichia.bigcartel.com
Chika Couture – http://www.chikacouture.com
Kaninda – http://www.kaninda.com.au
Maysmode – https://www.facebook.com/maysmode/
Pialove – http://pialovedesign.com
Sholly Jaay – https://www.facebook.com/shollyjaay
Valeria Marquisa Millinery – https://www.facebook.com/valeriamarquisa