Millennium Lifestyle: Studio B Unscripted - Teaching Colonial History


In this excerpt from Studio B: Unscripted, writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch and lawyer and former footballer Enola Aluko reflect on their experiences finding an identity and overcoming their so-called ‘imposter syndromes’.

Hirsch shares her views on the need for British institutions to come to terms with the country’s history of Empire. Her first book Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging, explores the legacy of imperialism, her identity as a British-Ghanaian and how she has tackled the subjects of race, class and gender along her journey.

As a striker, British-Nigerian Aluko played 102 caps for the England national team as well as for several clubs in Europe and the US, including UK’s Chelsea and Italy’s Juventus, winning at least six major trophies. In her memoir, They Don’t Teach This, she details becoming an unintentional whistleblower by speaking out against racism in the England national team.