Millennium Discovers: The Fans Who Make Football, FC St Pauli

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Watch a documentary about the fans who make FC St. Pauli.

FC St. Pauli is probably Hamburg’s best-known export since it was founded in 1910. It has passionate supporters everywhere from New York City to Delhi and Buenos Aires and they take the league games beyond the sport. Between the usual football chants and rock music, this Al Jazeera documentary follows the ‘ultras’ of FC St Pauli. They are adamant on stamping out fascism, homophobia and racism in the midst of Europe’s rising far-right movements.

In contrast to the rise of violent hooliganism in other parts of Europe, Germany’s FC Pauli offers a vibrant football scene focused on social issues and political activism. The club was the first in Germany to ban fascist emblems and activities from their stadium. It is now an unmistakable part of the fabric, so also the club’s identity.

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