Millennium Discovers: The Fans Who Make Football, PSS Sleman

Discovery / Lifestyle

Call them niche, a cult, or call them overrated. Call them inspirational or the greatest success story in global Football fan culture. The groundbreaking work done by Brigata Curva Sud makes PSS Sleman one of the most remarkable Football clubs when it comes to support in the entire world.

PSS Sleman are a small outfit competing in the Indonesian Liga 2 that are from the neighbourhood of Sleman in Java . This club has become relatively famous worldwide thanks to the actions of its primary Ultra group, Brigata Curva Sud, who broke away from the PSS hooligan faction Slemania” to focus more on creativity than aggression. Such is the extent of BCS’ influence now that the group actually sponsors the club via their own merchandise sales.

This film from Al Jazeera follows the Slemani ultras. They have given a voice to women in a culture where they are often expected to adopt traditional female roles. These women have changed the face of football fans, as well as challenged cultural norms. They are non-violent, loud and proud, and most importantly they love football!

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