World Cup 2022 Countdown: Africa

by Beckypublished on 26th August 2022

Will Sadio Mane deliver for Senegal? Can an African side make it past the quarter-finals? We get the African perspective ahead of the Middle East’s first football World Cup.

Qatar 2022 kicks off on November 21 and the clock is ticking.

Al Jazeera’s monthly World Cup Countdown gives you a global perspective from every region ahead of the Middle East’s first-ever FIFA World Cup.

July’s episode focuses on Africa, with special reports from Dakar, Rabat and Soweto as well as expert analysis from broadcasters Usher Komugisha and Maher Mezahi.

We hit all the major talking points, as Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Tunisia and Morocco aim for success in Qatar.

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World Cup Countdown gives you a global perspective from every region ahead of the Middle East’s first-ever FIFA World Cup. August’s episode focuses on Europe, with expert analysis from 2010 World Cup winner Javi Martinez and former Scotland striker Andy Gray.