Coming Soon: MaZin Grace – Live DJ Set Saturday 5 August 7pm

by Beckypublished on 19th July 2023

Streaming Live on Millennium TV on Saturday 5th August at 7pm. Watch the Live stream here:

With her glorious concoction of classic, deep and soulful house the senses are stimulated. Throw in some disco vocal house and the purge of inhibition is sensationally encouraged. The result; experiencing those moments of musical joy without reservation.

MaZin Grace has one aim; to enthral you with the music and leave you wanting more.

MaZin is a regular on the live streaming platforms and currently hosts her h.o.u.s.i.n.g.i.t. show on Mixcloud and Twitch with newly formed ChoiceFMUK. She is also enjoying a monthly residency with Funkadelic Sessions where she lines up with djs, producers and taste makers of note in the house scene. Sessions with I’ll House You, Feels Like Friday and Saturday Night Experience have kept MaZin’s hands full over the preceding 12 months, however as we speed through the summer months there’s still plenty more left in the tank.

This winter MaZin returns to Amsterdam for ADE with the Women of House, and also takes a trip to Kavos with ChoiceFMUK for the Break4Beats festival. Between now and then you can find her spinning for Soho House and Pure Gym, and working on her new initiative ‘WOMAN; female DJs rock’ which aims to increase the representation of female djs across the major music festivals in the UK.

It’s time to disrupt the airwaves people, and MaZin is more than happy to oblige with her debut of
h.o.u.s.i.n.g.i.t. this August on Millennium TV.

Follow MaZin Grace on all her socials:-
Twitch: mazingrace.djMixcloud: graceinyaface
ADE artist profile:

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