Witness: Deactivating Kenya’s Toxic Trolls

by Beckypublished on 1st July 2022

Amid the growing number of online trolls in Kenya, a mother launches a cyberattack of kindness.

Bullying is no longer confined to school playgrounds and workplaces. Concerned about her kids growing up in Kenya’s toxic cyberspace, banker-by-day Marjoline decides to launch an online kindness campaign.

She rallies Kenya’s celebrities who have experienced unprecedented levels of cyberbullying. As she travels to schools, meets funders and counsels victims, Marjoline wrestles with her life as an activist.

She founded the End Cyberbullying Association with dreams of making the online world safer. She is now determined to launch her Kuwa Mwema, Swahili for “Be Kind”, campaign.

Deactivating Kenya’s Toxic Trolls is a film by Mos Mwaniki.

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