My Nigeria – Femi Bamigboye: Local Man

by Beckypublished on 9th April 2021

Femi Bamigboye is the coach and founder of the Remo Football Academy in the small Nigerian town of Iperu.

He is not just a football coach, he is a pastor with a loyal congregation who worship every Sunday in a lean-to church in the middle of the thick forest that surrounds Iperu.

We spend a week with Femi Bamigboye as he gets his players ready for the cup final of a local knock-out competition. Femi’s son Sam leads the team of youngsters against an older and more experienced team.

My Nigeria from Al Jazeera – For every stereotype of corruption, scamming and extremism, there are many millions of Nigerians just making their country tick. Home to around one-fifth of Africa’s people, Nigeria is packed with talent, creativity, initiative and enterprise at all levels of society. So what does Nigeria mean to these people? Six films. Six people. Six personal insights into Africa’s number one economic powerhouse – Nigeria.

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