Colours Are Alive Here: A Kenyan fashion designer

by Beckypublished on 30th August 2022

An Africa Direct Documentary.

David Ochieng, also known as ‘Avido’, is a Kenyan designer whose brand is making a noise in the fashion industry. But while his clothes are sold around the world, he stays true to his roots in Nairobi’s Kibera slum.

Colours Are Alive Here, by filmmaker Seydou Mukali, steps into his bustling life to see the young designer in action as he gets a new pop-up event off the ground. The film chronicles the creative life of this inspirational “son of the slums”, who remains deeply grounded in his community as his successes reach great heights.

Seydou Mukali is a Kenyan writer/director based in Nairobi. He has produced content for television and film for more than a decade. His feature film Veve won several awards and was acquired by Netflix. He is developing his next feature film based on Kenyan history, Searching For Lebo.

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