Fresh Farm: A farmer and businesswoman in Zimbabwe

by Beckypublished on 30th August 2022

Nomaliso Musasiwa’s tech business connects farmers and consumers to provide fresh produce to Zimbabweans. She doesn’t believe in waiting for the government to fix problems, so she is tackling Zimbabwe’s food challenges directly. She runs a fresh food tech company, connecting small farmers to online clients – from locals looking for fresh, affordable food, to diaspora Zimbabweans who want to support relatives back home.

Fresh Farm by Rumbi Katedza explores this creative commercial response to Zimbabwe’s food insecurity.

Rumbi Katedza is a multi-award-winning Zimbabwean director and writer with a range of fiction and documentary experience. Her work includes the short film Asylum, TV drama Big House, Small House, and the feature film Playing Warriors. Rumbi is a former director of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival. She is currently working on a feature documentary.

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