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by Beckypublished on 9th April 2021

The Balcony – where real people discuss real life situations. A reality/ talk show where a group of people come together on the Balcony and give the ‘real talk’. Expect dramatic storylines, expect excitement, expect the unexpected!

Fresh off the Screen Nation Awards with just under a million online views for the pilot, #TheBalcony Returns for Season 2 – bigger, badder and more brazen than before, London’s only reality/ talk show is back with a bang!

In this season you have MTV’s Ex on the Beach @misslauraalicia who is staying on the estate with larger than life @itsimarnyy, where they encounter some of the colourful regulars on the block including @officiallvgeneral and @sir2xbobbi. We see the Original “Queen Bee” @traann2 and @mandy_mand1 joined by new residents  such as @isaaksworld the “philosopher and “bad gyal” @missfiifii from Birmingham.


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