Millennium Stereo: Shingai - We Roll (Official Video)


Watch the official video of Shingai’s new release ‘We Roll‘ here on Millennium TV, as well as listen to some good music. Shingai, the platinum-selling front woman and bassist from Noisettes, is distinguished for her mesmerising performances. Arwa Haider (BBC Culture) described music from the ‘Ancient Futures’ EP as one of the main purveyors of “Key music trends of the past decade” for her afro-futuristic sounds inspired by her London, Bantu and Zimbabwean heritage. Her new album ‘Too Bold’ was released in June 2020.

This song was also used as the soundtrack for our our trailer for Millennium Extra which you can watch here. Shingai was also our cover star for the first issue of the Millennium Extra magazine.

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